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March 13th 2020

Week 1: use the updated rubric attached below to do your Scholar of Hadeeth PowerPoint. 

Week 2: please use the link below to access the book The War Within Our Hearts pdf 

Oct. 24th

Use the link below to watch a video regarding the Prophets patience


Oct. 7th 

 Allah Gives and Deprives Wealth
Homework due Tuesday: The students are to draw a timeline of their life in regard of their higher rizq and material rizq. the project must include the following: Laws and guidance concerning rizq, things that help increase wealth.

7th Muharram 1441/ Sep. 6th 2019

May Allah Grant you and your family a new Hijri Year full of blessings and protection.

Please share with your family the link below to watch a video about the Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The most important event in the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Start the video at minute 19

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Feb 24, 2019, 7:31 PM
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