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Feb. 24th

Please use the 2 up loaded files below if you need access to the Islamic Studies Competition Packets.

           Scholars of Hadeeth RESEARCH – Rubric


Name: ________________________


Possible points earned: ___100 points__


·         You are required to have 1 note card per slide that aid in your oral



·         An introductory slide that includes:


·         Name of the scholar /Date and place of birth


·         Childhood /family

·         Teachers and students

·         Attributes

·         What got them interested in this field

·         Travers and hardships faced through traveling

·          His /her books,

·         Unique yet simple, interesting event in their life

·         Hardships 

·         How should history remember your person

·         Death date and place

·         Last slide, 2 or 3 questions for your audience

·         Appearance:

·         Does the color and background choice enhance the presentation

·         Is the font big enough and clear enough

·         Is the number of words per slide appropriate

·         Are the images relevant, enough?





Dec. 13th 2018

Use the link below to learn about the story of a youth minister and how the Bible lead him to Islam!

Dec. 4th

Use the following link to learn the origins of the Catholic religion.

Nov. 27th, 2018

Homework due Thursday: Write 2 Quranic verses in Arabic and the meaning in English that address thankfulness.

                                                 Each student is to write 4 benefits in the name order provided.

Please use one of the following links to learn about the benefits of sending salawat upon the Prophet PBUH.

Hannah    Jenna     Kyra    Mariam

Karim     Ghaleb      Hamzah      Mohammad      Tariq

Nov. 12

The following link is a lecture regarding evolution and Islam.

Nov. 7th

Use this link to write a reflection about the Dua' of AtTaif made by Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Sep. 14th 2018

Homework due Thursday: 

Search what Allah tells us through the Quran and the Sunnah about kind speech.

You may do a collage, a poster, a model or a poem about what you learned

For using a Quranic ayah please include the following:

  •  Name of the Surah and number of the ayah
  •  Include the full ayah not only part of it
  •  Look for the reasons of revelation for the ayah
  •  How to apply it in your daily life (at school, with family, and community)
For using a hadeeth include the following:
  • The narrator of the hadeeth and resource
  • The meaning of the hadeeth
  • The story for the hadeeth if available
  • How to apply the hadeeth in your life (at school, with family, and community)

August, 30th 2018

Homework due Friday:

Find out the surah name, the rest of the verse and the meaning of the Quranic verse covered for this month.

                                                 وقل لعبادي يقولوا التي هي أحسن

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Feb 24, 2019, 7:31 PM
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Feb 24, 2019, 7:38 PM