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December 6th, 2016

The objectives for Unit D:

Ch. 1:Ghazwat Tabook
  • Learn about the real cause of the expedition to Tabook
  • Know the geography of Arabia and Northwest Arabia and the circumstances at the time of the Prophet and in our present time
  • Learn about the events that took place on the way to Tabook
  • Appreciate the virtue of giving for the cause of Allah SWT
  • Perform the shortening of the prayer used when traveling in difficult circumstances
  • Appreciate the virtue of being active and exerting great effort for the cause of Allah
  • Learn about the events during the return from Tabook
  • Understand the phenomena of nifq and munafiqeen 
Ch 2: Honesty Saves
  • Learn about the experience of Ka’b ibn Malik
  • Appreciate the virtue of honesty and truthfulness
  • Realize the danger in procrastination of good work
Ch 4: The Prophet Passes to Jannah
  • Learn the events before the passing of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • Understand how the Prophet prepared the Muslims for this event
  • Appreciate the high level of love and devotion given to Rasulullah by the Sahabah
  • Learn the hadeeth on obeying the Prophet and offering praise and thanks for the Prophet 

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