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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Within this course students will be learning the Common Core Content while providing a positive Islamic learning environment. Student will be experiencing math through hands-on activities, note taking, lectures, and presentations.

The following are math topics that Inshallah we will be covering throughout the year.

o    Number and Quantity

§  Rational Exponents, Rational/Irrational Numbers, Polynomials

o    Algebra

§  Expressions, Creating Equations, Linear/Quadratic Equations, Inequalities

o    Functions

§  Relations, Function

o    Geometry

§  Pythagorean Theorem

o    Statistics and Probability

§  Data Sets, Interpret and Represent Data


TEXTBOOK: Students are assigned a hard copy Saxon Math Algebra 1 textbook. There are CD’s available for students who request them. Students are responsible for the textbook throughout the school year. Any lost or damaged textbooks will be charged a fine.


Be Prompt- Arrive to class on-time everyday and be in your seat working on the warm-up activity when the bell rings. 
Be Prepared- Come prepared for class everyday with all of the necessary materials (i.e. pencil, school supplies, worksheets, homework, and proper uniform). 
Be Productive- Remain on task in class at all times, follow directions, and stay seated unless you have been given 
permission to do otherwise.
Be Patient- Quietly raise your hand if you have a question or comment and wait calmly for the teacher to respond. Do not whine or complain if the teacher does not respond right away. 
Be Polite- Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teachers with your words and actions. Do not vandalize, destroy, or steal other people’s personal belongings. Respect your classroom environment.

If a student CHOOSES to ignore one of the above expectations:

  • Level One: Verbal Warning
  • Level Two: Written Record of Behavior
  • Level Three: Recess Detention
  • Level Four: Teacher/Parent Contact
  • Level Five: Parent Meeting with Student, Teacher and Administration
  • Level Six: After School Detention with Parent Supervision 15 minutes (3:30-3:45)
  • Level Seven: After School Detention with Parent Supervision 30  minutes (3:30-4:00)
  • Level Eight: Administration Discretion


*We promise to apply ALL consequences FAIRLY and CONSISTENTLY, because we believe your child deserves no less.  In addition, we reserve the right to use the above consequences as we believe is most appropriate in any individual circumstance.

If a student CHOOSES to behave appropriately, he/she will receive one or more of the following positive consequences: 
  • Positive Phone Call Home
  • Positive Note Home
  • Extra-Curricular Time
  • Student/Teacher Generated Rewards


GRADES: Student’s grades will reflect on three categories throughout the year: formative assessment, summative assessment and a final quarter exam. The summative assessment includes tests, quizzes, and projects. The formative assessment includes daily homework, math practice drills, and classwork.

The following explains how students’ grades are calculated.

Formative                           60%    

Summative                          35%                            

Participation                       5%



Students will receive daily homework with the exception of Fridays. I do not assign any homework on Friday, unless otherwise told to the students. The weekend will be a time for students to make-up work and complete the work they didn’t complete throughout the week. 

They will receive daily math homework along with daily math skill building drills. The daily math skill building drill will be working on an assigned module on IXL. Students will receive a username and password the first week of school. They will also be taught how to log on and learn the expectations of how to complete the module. 

Along with the skill building they will receive daily math problems. This will include the practice problems in the textbook after each lesson. They are expected to complete their assignments on their own without any digital assistance.

 If for any reason your child seems to be struggling with the assignments please do not hesitate to contact me.